Environmental sustainability

The company's philosophy combines innovation and research of new forms, materials and aesthetics with a continuous focus on the environment,
which manifests itself in the application of production solutions having a lower environmental impact.

Fedon devotes its attention not only to the needs of the customer, but also to the environment and the health and well-being of its employees.

In 2015, a photovoltaic system was installed at the Alpago Italian production site to promote energy savings, limiting CO2 emissions into the environment.

Over 70% of the electricity used by the Fedon plants located in Italy comes from renewable sources.

The protection of the environment, together with energy saving and lighting efficiency, prompted Fedon to choose more energy efficient lights for its offices and production departments in 2015.

The Fedon integrated management system was developed to add value to the continuous search for innovative solutions.
The various certifications guarantee the company's commitment to achieving high quality standards, environmental protection and social responsibility.



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