Cases for eyewear, leather goods, luxury and personalised packaging:
a century of experience in the production of designer products, tailor-made to safeguard valuables.

Eyeglass cases

Eyeglass cases developed in partnership with the client to promote the brand and to become its creative extension.

Eyeglass cases

Emotion starts with the packaging

Designer cases for watches, jewellery and accessories that combine practicality and beauty. Works of art: the perfect frame to reach people's hearts, exciting them.

Luxury Packaging

Accessories for opticians

Accessories for small optician shops or large chains, consortia and associates. A complete and customisable range of materials and accessories for communication…

Accessories for Opticians

Fedon 1919 Leather Goods

Business, travel and leisure. Three different moments of the day, one brand: Fedon 1919.

Fedon 1919 Leather Goods


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