A century of creations born to guard

From eyewear cases to luxurious and personalized packaging: the most well-known fashion brands, independent opticians, and large chains choose Fedon to communicate their brand with uniquely designed items, icons of style and personality.

fedon group

Accessories for opticians

Eyeglass cases, microfiber cloths, shoppers, cleaning solutions

A complete and customizable range of accessories for the communication and promotion of the optical shop.


CASE2green project

The materials chosen for CASE2green projects derive from the desire to reduce pollution, also through the study of the most innovative solutions on the market.

CASE2green project

Eco Cases

Fedon is proud and committed to its work on the research and development of eyewear cases of innovative design which combine usability and functionality with the added value of greener, more sustainable manufacturing.


Coordinated image

A coordinated image, a recognizable visual identity, will make your store stand out. For this reason, Fedon has created a full and customizable range of products specially for opticians and eyewear stores.

Coordinated image