Fedon presented an innovative “ecological revolution collection” at Mido

Fedon presented at Mido a collection of cases made from recycled materials and derived from renewable sources surrounded by an “ecofriendly” booth, consistent with the principles of environmental care and eco-sustainability.  A choice that reflects the company’s strong attitude to new researches and proposals oriented to environmental sustainability. Environment and its natural resources are a precious gift to be defended for our own good and, even more, for that of the future generations.  It is with this premise that Fedon has started its path of knowledge and awareness of  processes and activities aimed to a sustainable development.


The collection “ecological revolution” is the first concrete step towards environmental sustainability. Recycled materials such as fishing nets,  end-of life fibers or plastic bottles are reborn as beautiful and soft cases, while hard cases are derived from renewable sources such as corn starch or sugar cane.

Finally, the collection ends with cases made of virgin cellulose coming from forest plants that meet sustainability criteria and  guarantee that no plants have been indiscriminately demolished.