Integrated management system

Quality, environment, corporate responsibility

Since 1919 we are committed to offer our customers a product of excellence, representing the contemporary conception of a tradition that began almost a century ago. A path of continuity which combined the skill of craftsmanship with industrial method, supported by continuous innovation.

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Innovation is not only the research of new shapes, materials and aesthetic solutions but it is also working to promote ethics and environmental protection.

Today Fedon is an important corporate group and it cannot improve without focusing on customer requirements, environment, health and well-being of the workers or on the continuous search for solutions and certifications that qualify the ongoing commitment towards its stakeholders.

A commitment that we have chosen to pursue through tools that allow us to manage complexity.  Fedon  aims to improve  business efficiency, promote correct behaviors and organizational measures as well as integrated procedures, for leading the management to the principles of ethics and responsibilities that shape and guide its strategic decisions.

The complete pdf document " Fedon integrated management system" is available at the following Link


Social Responsibility Plan

We consider compliance with the requirements of the SA8000: 2008 standards and the needs of stakeholders as main strategic element to achieve our institutional goals.

This is why we decided to create a management system of social responsibility in compliance with the Standard and consistent with reality of our organization; it is described in the Management Plan and in the documentation available below.

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In order to ensure the achievement of social responsibility, we are committed to:

  • establish the policy and the targets of the Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • communicate the policy and the company's targets through appropriate information activities and through all the initiatives that, from time to time, may become necessary, such as instructing the Representative to systematically verify the level of understanding of the policies by entire company;
  • communicate to the organization the importance to observe these requirements and to apply regulatory requirements;
  • communicate to stakeholders data and information concerning the performance for the management system of Social Responsibility, the targetand the policy;
  • review the Management System of Social Responsibility and procedures frequently  as described in this Plan in order to assess their effectiveness, establishing and evaluating measurable goals that allow an organization improvement;
  • get human and technical resources necessary to achieve the objectives; for this purpose all people in charge are required to report to management the specific requirements in order to help taking appropriate decisions;
  • value the staff satisfaction through specific monitoring activities;
  • deal swiftly with any complaints expressed by staff and stakeholders.

The complete pdf document "Fedon Social Responsibility Management Plan" is available at the following Link


SA 8000

"The achievements of a company depend on the good health, the cohesion, and the prosperity of the community that embrace it"

Integrating with the surrounding environment gives life to a synergy that works in favor of the company and of the community where we live.

For this reason social responsibility is a fundamental principle and an important value of our work ethic.  We created an ethical code that is aimed:

  • to respect dignity and human rights;
  • to help people develop their professional and personal growth;
  • to protect the environment around us. We have created a System of Social Accountability in compliance with the international standard SA8000.

 The above referenced standard pays specific attention to all the aspects regarding workers’ health and safety.

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We recently created a multimedia conference room in order to enhance the relationship and the cooperation with the local community. This room is called “The Mind Gym” and has already hosted many conferences and meetings where managers and workers belonging to different economic fields had the chance to meet and enrich their background knowledge.  We strongly believe in the cooperation between different minds and experiences.  This is our way to enhance the culture, develop abilities, share experiences and integrate social themes and corporate participation in the modern age.

In order to improve the internal communication we created an online company board where every employee has easy access to useful information about our work and our social environment.

We are also determined to follow the path that is already guiding us towards improving the quality of life of our employees by supporting their needs (such as flexible timetables, especially for working mothers, extra leave days for working fathers, etc.)

The mentioned commitment, in compliance with the international standard SA8000, are also applied to our factory in Lugoj Romania.


ISO 14001

"The world is a fine place, and worth fighting for"

We strongly believe that the coexistence between people, nature and technology is the only way to grant a sustainable future in which we are able to protect our planet and the next generations.

To support our beliefs, we adopted  an Environmental System Management that assures and certifies our commitment to research, management, and the reduction of environmental risk in all our company activities.

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In 2015, we installed a photovoltaic system to reduce the CO2 emissions; we also worked on energy saving measures and signed important agreements with our energy supplier.

Today more than 70% of our electricity consumption comes from sustainable resources.

Environmental care and energy savings are the major components that guided our choice to use a energy saving lighting in our manufacturing department.

Our commitment does not take place only in the present. It is also oriented toward the future with a long term plan focused on energy saving and pollution reduction.

The mentioned commitment, in compliance with the international standard ISO 14001, are also applied to our factory in Lugoj Romania.

The pdf document with environmental indicators updated at the first half of 2015, 2016 and 2017 is available at the following link



ISO 9001

"Good enough is not enough when your aim is excellence"

Customer satisfaction propels our high standards of excellence in both our activities and in our products.

In order to enhance efficiency and reduce waste and risks, the Quality System adopted by our company is supported by steadily improved quality technology and productive processes.

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In 2013, we expanded our quality lab in order to better test the resistance and the performance of our materials. The processes are in line with the lean production quality standards aimed to eliminate waste and enhance productivity.

The mentioned commitment, in compliance with the international standard ISO 9001, are also applied to our factory in Lugoj Romania.


AEOF (Authorized Economic Operator Full)

"The quality of our products can also be seen in our delivery service: efficient, fast and trustworthy"

Since 2012, we are an Authorized Economic Operator, certified by the Agency of Customs and Monopolies.

“AEO status” puts us in a distinct position within the international logistic chain. Due to accomplishment, we are recognized as a safe and trustworthy member.

With this status we have a preferential role in the implementation of custom duties.  We gain the benefit of special rights and treatment (ex. Less controls and bureaucracy and more  benefits regarding safety measures, etc.):

  •  inside the European area
  • with every nation that activated equivalent AEO standards and which stipulated an agreement to recognize the program with European Union
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The AEO authorization, conformed to the European Custom Code, universally certifies the reliability of our company in most relevant custom issues.

This system supports:

  • The partnership with Customs, according to World Customs Organization standards;
  • The cooperation with Custom Authorities to pursue the common aim of granting security in the international traffic and legal commerce;
  • A mutual transparent, correct, equal and responsible relationship with Customs.
  • A safe supply chain. This ensures equal standards to all involved companies in order to maintain competitiveness and fundamental principles aimed to add value to products and services destined to the final consumer.

The 3R policy for an eco-friendly packaging

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now"

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Everyday we work for the sustainability of our company actions and for this reason we created an eco-friendly packaging respecting the 3R policy. Our boxes are made of recycled paper and can be reused for different purposes. Less waste, more fantasy and recycling are the three rules that propelled us to redefine our packaging concept.